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Happy International Translation Day!


International Translation Day is celebrated every year on September 30th on the feast of St. Jerome, the Bible translator who is considered the patron saint of translators. While no one can certainly state when translation began and there are various interpretations of the history of translation, it is believed by some historians that the earliest evidence dates back to about 2500 BC in the form of clay tablets with bilingual vocabularies in Sumerian and Eblaite (an extinct Semitic language named after the ancient city of Ebla in Syria, where the tablets were found). It is also known that the Sumerian poem, Gilgamesh, was translated into Asian languages around the second millennium BC. Later on, religion played a huge role in translation development.

​With the development of technology, the translation process has been incredibly impacted. Nowadays, you can find various translation software and tools that can be helpful but cannot replace the complexity and brilliant design of a human brain. The translation process requires not only excellent knowledge and command of two or more languages but familiarity with cultures, the subject matter, structure of both languages and more! So, if you know a translator, please congratulate them and let them know they are appreciated and needed!


Do you know a second language, but aren’t necessarily interested in translation of written text? Do you want to make a difference while utilizing your knowledge and ability to speak more than one language? Then become an interpreter with us!


Join us for our upcoming 40-hour Community Interpreter International Training starting October 17th, 2017! More information and details here.
Language Liaisons, LLC is a trusted language services agency in Wilmington, DE as well as a licensed entity of The Community Interpreter International Training Program, the only globally recognized curriculum for novice and seasoned interpreters alike. Our 40-hour community interpreting training is available to interpreters in the state of Delaware and the surrounding Tri-State area. We have successfully trained hundreds of interpreters and have a highly qualified and dynamic interpreting team! Please visit our website or call us today to register for this or a future training at 302-521-7626 or email us at for more details.

Written by: Nastia Snyder
Edited by: Ireida Grabill 


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